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06/04/2024 - Will the REAL warmongers please STAND UP?!

1h 1m


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    It is impossible to understand the prophecies of the end time world government, modern nations, Antichrist, Israel/Palestinian peace agreement, the Abomination of Desolation and much more without understanding the Book of Daniel. We will begin Lesson 2 of our Daniel series on this edition of the ...

  • Donald Trump VS The Deep State | Open...

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    Former President Trump’s conviction was more than just about some faulty bookkeeping. It was Donald Trump against the establishment or Deep State. We analyze this from a prophetic perspective all while taking your calls on this open line edition of the Endtime Show!


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  • 05/30/2024 - The TERRIFYING org we wa...

    about 2 months ago

    The Internation Criminal Court says 12 U.S. Senators are criminals!

    Israel has shot down more cruise missiles believed to be from Iraq.

    And you may’ve never heard of the Rome Statute… You won’t believe what it says and how it’s connected to Bible prophecy.

    We’re going to talk about it today on...