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01/08/2024 - The Sixth-Trumpet Prophecy



  • 01/05/2024 - Happy Birthday, Doug! | ...

    7 months ago

    The Jerusalem Post is concerned about Jewish soldiers converting to Christianity.

    Iran is waving the red flag of retaliation for the bombing that killed 84.

    North Korea fires into South Korea after military prepares for war.

    And King Charles may give up crown to Prince William.

    All of this a...

  • 01/04/2024 - Israel, Hamas, Putin, an...

    7 months ago

    New foreign minister proclaims Israel is in the middle of World War 3.

    Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is under pressure to attack the British military.

    Today on The Endtime Show we’ll discuss Israel, Hamas, Putin, and the Power Shift to Europe. Don’t miss it!


    📚: Check ou...

  • 01/03/2024 - What will this year hold?

    7 months ago

    WWIII, Middle East peace, world government, world religion, global economic sanctioning systems, global revival, US presidential elections and much more dominating today’s headlines. What should we expect in 2024? We’ll analyze this question on this edition of the Endtime Show!