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Seeds of Armageddon

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    The world is entering the time of more prophetic fulfillment than any other time period in mankind's history. Israel and the city of Jerusalem will be the epicenter of these fulfillments during the years from now until Armageddon. The scriptures tell us that the sons of Issachar were men who had ...

  • Another Jewish Holocaust Ahead

    When referring to Hitler's horrible Holocaust, the Jewish people say, "Never again!" They declare they will never again march off to concentration camps and gas chambers without resisting to their last breath. However, the Bible prophesies that another Jewish Holocaust lies just a few years ahead...

  • Signposts of the Second Coming

    Road signs are posted to tell us how far we are from our destination. The closer we get the more numerous the signs become. “Signposts of the Second Coming” details many events that will occur shortly before the Second Coming of Jesus to the earth. We are now so near the Second Coming that the pr...