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  • Understanding The End Time

    2 seasons

    There were approximately 100 prophecies given before the First Coming of Jesus to the Earth. He fulfilled every single one of those prophecies to the minutest detail. No one should have missed His First Coming — but most people did because they didn’t know the prophecies.

    Today we are living jus...

  • The Antichrist's Socialistic Kingdom

    You’ve heard it said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Over the last century, socialism/communism ideologies have killed approximately 100 million people. According to Bible prophecy, just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Battle of Armageddon, this ...

  • The Two Witnesses

    Who are the Two Witnesses?

    There are many different opinions on the two witnesses’ identity. Some believe they will be Elijah and Moses, some Elijah and Enoch. Others say they are a symbol of the Jewish/Gentile church.

    This is what the Bible says.

  • Warn The Jews

    When referring to Hitler's horrible Holocaust, the Jewish people say, "Never again!" They declare they will never again march off to concentration camps and gas chambers without resisting to their last breath. However, the Bible prophesies that another Jewish Holocaust lies just a few years ahead...

  • The Future According to Bible Prophecy

    In the Bible, God gave us a timeline of events from the beginning into eternity. As the end approaches, we will witness the establishment of the Kingdom of the Antichrist, the False Prophet, unprecedented revival and more.

    YOU have the ability to pinpoint where we are on this timeline, understan...

  • Like a Thief in the Night

  • Ask us anything | Online Prophecy Weekend

  • Does the Christian Vote Matter? | Online Prophecy Weekend

  • The Great End Time Reset — WW3 | Online Prophecy Weekend

  • Will America Destroy Herself? | Online Prophecy Weekend

  • Revelation: The Unveiling of Jesus Christ

    2 seasons

    The Book of Revelation was written over 2,000 years ago. However, it was written for the people who live in the 21st century. Many people have claimed that no one can really understand the prophecies contained in this book. After viewing these lessons, you will discover that it is simply not true...

  • Restricted Videos

    1 season

    Here is a small selection of the videos that have been restricted by places like Youtube or Facebook. Wondering why our content is being censored? Us, too.