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Endtime magazine is a 36-page magazine, that comes out bi-monthly and explains how current events are fulfilling Bible prophecy. Irvin Baxter is the executive editor, and Dave Robbins is the editor.

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Endtime Magazine
  • Trump vs. Biden: Who Will God Choose?

    3.98 MB

    The next president will likely steer America through more than one major prophetic fulfillment, making the upcoming presidential election the most crucial in the history of the United States of America.

  • July 1, 2020
    8.25 MB

    July 1, 2020

    8.25 MB

    Having recently formed a government, Netanyahu is ready to annex Jewish settlements in the West Bank. To do this, the Trump peace plan requires the establishment of a Palestinian state. These two actions will set the table for the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy in Matthew 24:15-21.

  • Could the Coronavirus be the Judgment of God?

    5.07 MB

    2020 Issue 3 - Throughout Scripture, people were judged by God for their wickedness. Many people wonder if the Coronavirus is not just one more divine punishment for the sin and debauchery of this present world.

  • Trump's Peace Plan

    6.74 MB

    2020 Issue 2 - Will it Launch the Final Seven Years? Finally, the Trump administration’s long awaited “Deal of the Century” has been revealed. Does it meet the requirements given in the Bible of the prophesied peace agreement, which will mark the beginning of the Final Seven Years to the Battle o...

  • Prophetic Fulfillments of 2020

    4.31 MB

    2020 Issue 1: Prophecies foretelling events will only escalate over the next few years culminating with the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Of these, which ones are likely to occur in 2020?

  • What Christmas Means to Me

    5.51 MB

    2019 Issue 6

  • Antichrist: Is He on Earth Right Now?

    4.44 MB

    2019 Issue 5

  • What's Next for Israel's Future?

    4.38 MB

    2019 Issue 4

  • Global Warming is not Man-Made: Three Absolute Proofs!

    3.04 MB

    2019 Issue 3

  • How Barack Obama Fundamentally Transformed the United States

    3.88 MB

    2019 Issue 2

  • Globalism vs Nationalism

    3 MB

    2019 Issue 1

  • Promise of Two Comings

    3.21 MB

    2018 issue 6

  • Trump-Putin Summit

    4.63 MB

    2018 Issue 5

  • O Jerusalem!
    10.4 MB

    O Jerusalem!

    10.4 MB

    2018 Issue 4

  • Trump, Jerusalem, & Armageddon

    13.9 MB

    2018 Issue 3

  • America's Prophesied Exit From World Government

    11.4 MB

    2018 Issue 2

  • What to Expect in 2018

    11.5 MB

    2018 Issue 1