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The Endtime Show

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The Endtime Show is LIVE weekdays at 3:00 PM CST.

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The Endtime Show
  • 03/21/2024 - Will the rapture happen on April 8th?

    Episode 1

    April 8 eclipse? End of the World? Rapture? God’s Judgment Day?

    God’s Warning? Large Earthquake? The church will be here during the great tribulation. How should the church prepare for those days ahead? We analyze these topics on this edition of the Endtime Show!


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  • 03/20/2024 - Exposing satan’s kingdom

    Episode 2

    Politics is Satan’s method of ruling the world. The church is God’s method of ruling the world. On this edition of The Endtime Show we will expose Satan’s kingdom—world government and his efforts to overthrow God, Israel and the church in the end time. Spoiler alert! In the end Satan loses and th...

  • 03/19/2024 - Reaching America with Scott Sistrunk

    Episode 3

    Will you and I see a First Century Church revival in America in our lifetime?

    Today, we are honored to be joined by Irvin and Judy Baxter’s FIRST son-in-law and the Director of North American Missions, Scott Sistunk.

    Don’t miss one moment today on Endtime.


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  • 03/18/2024 - The globalists want open borders

    Episode 4

    The United Nations is trying to grab control of worldwide immigration policies. At the heart of the immigration border disaster is the United States’ compliance with the provisions of the Global Compact on Migration. I’ll provide all the details from a prophetic perspective on this edition of the...

  • 03/15/2024 - The Thing About Israel Right Now | Open Line Friday

    Episode 5

    Senator Chuck Schumer’s speech claiming ‘Israeli elections and the two-state solution are the only way to peace’ is anti-Israel and diametrically opposed to the Bible. It is also prophetic.


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  • 03/14/2024 - France’s First Lady & The Antichrist

    Episode 6

    Candace Owens with The Daily Wire is going viral for what she says is the BIGGEST political scandal in human history. The breaking news is coming out of France involving none other than Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.

    We are going to look at characteristics of the Antichrist, the viral story about...

  • 03/13/2024 - The Global Digital ID

    Episode 7

    The Bible prophesies of a time coming when every person will be required by the Antichrist and his world government system to have a ID number. Without it, no one will be able to buy, sell or participate in the economy. This system is being established now. I’ll show you how on this edition of th...

  • 03/12/2024 - Hunted down in for free speech

    Episode 8

    The attack on free speech in the US has gone to another extreme, now NY city firefighters are being told to turn themselves in or be hunted down, for booing Attorney General Letitia James at an NYFD promotion ceremony. Biden says the quiet part out loud concerning an Israeli cease-fire and Netany...

  • 03/11/2024 - How to spiritually survive the end time

    Episode 9

    Revelation 12:11, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;” Your testimony is critical to surviving spiritually throughout the end time. I’ll explain why on this edition of The Endtime Show!


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  • 03/08/2024 - Holy Month or Month of Terror | Open Line Friday

    Episode 10

    Hamas leader calls for terror attacks during Ramadan which begins this Sunday!

    Gold Star Dad was booted from State of the Union and arrested for heckling Biden


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  • 03/07/2024 - The Sun Shall be Darkened

    Episode 11

    Jesus said there would be signs in the Sun, moon, and stars before His second coming. The US is expecting a total eclipse on April 8, 2024, and people are all abuzz about what this could mean. Mainstream media is now covering stories about Israel’s 4 Red Heifers, and you will be surprised by what...

  • 03/06/2024 - Biden admin deploys Air Marshals to track J-6ers

    Episode 12

    Sonya LaBosco is a former supervisor for the Federal U.S. Air Marshal service and is currently the Executive Director of the Air Marshal National Council. She is blowing the whistle on what’s happening to our safety in the skies.

    According to LaBosco, U.S. Air Marshals are being pulled off of fl...

  • 03/05/2024 - When shall these things be?

    Episode 13

    Matthew 24 is the most famous prophecy chapter in the entire Bible. In this chapter, Jesus reveals many events that will surround His Second Coming. It is one of the most informative prophecy chapters in the entire Bible. We will discuss Matthew 24 on the next couple segments of the Endtime Show!...

  • 03/04/2024 - The NWO wants to stop Trump

    Episode 14

    The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously restores Donald Trump to 2024 presidential primary ballots, rejecting state attempts to remove him. We will analyze the real agenda behind these and other efforts to shut the door on Trump, which is very prophetic, on this edition of The Endtime Show!

  • 03/01/2024 - Joe Rogan: ‘The world needs Jesus’

    Episode 15

    Things are so crazy that once a vocal evangelist of New Atheist talking points on religion, Joe Rogan now yearns for the Second Coming of Jesus.

    Two MSNBC guests claim that white rural voters are a threat to American democracy.

    Is Mystery Babylon the United States?

    Also, is the Solar Eclipse...

  • 02/29/2024 - Is your church going woke?

    Episode 16

    The Bible prophesies a peace agreement will be reached between the Israelis and Palestinians. A 2500 year old prophecy in the news. Wokeism creeping into our churches? The Bible tells us to hold fast to the Apostles doctrine in the last days.


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  • 02/28/2024 - Exposing satan’s kingdom

    Episode 17

    Politics is Satan’s method of ruling the world. The church is God’s method of ruling the world. On this edition of The Endtime Show we will expose Satan’s kingdom—world government and his efforts to overthrow God, Israel and the church in the end time. Spoiler alert! In the end Satan loses and th...

  • 02/27/2024 - Are you a ‘Christian Nationalist’

    Episode 18

    The Declaration of Independence written in 1776 says, “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

    Interestingly enough, an award-winning investigative journalist for Politico claimed during an ...

  • 02/26/2024 - Unnecessary and Dangerous

    Episode 19

    Central Bank Digital Currencies—Unnecessary and Dangerous. Deliberately weakening America’s military for a socialist overthrow. What do five red heifers have to do with the Oct. 7 massacre? Globalist must silence free speech! We will analyze these prophetic headlines and more on this edition of t...

  • 02/22/2024 - 🚨 SOS: China Cyber Attack?

    Episode 20

    Why would millions of people’s phones give them an SOS message, which prevents someone from making any calls, even to 911?

    Pharmacies and Change Healthcare, the nation’s largest healthcare technology company, are even reporting outages.

    Is this an EMP attack? Is this predictive programming? The...

  • Transhumanism, Neuralink, and Eliminating Free Will

    Episode 21

    What do Yuval Noah Harari, Elon Musk, and Joe Biden have in common?

    Today we are going to discuss transhumanism, Neuralink, brain chips, and how it ties into Bible prophecy.

    All of this and more today on The Endtime Show!


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  • Israel’s prophetic future

    Episode 22

    Questions concerning Israel’s future dominate today’s headlines. Bible prophecies foretell the future of Israel and Endtime Ministries has a huge role to play in all of it. We’ll analyze this end time scenario on the next couple segments of the Endtime Show.


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  • 02/19/2024 - The invisible censorship regime

    Episode 23

    Prophecies foretell Satan, the Antichrist and False Prophet will deceive the nations in the end time. This is already happening with efforts to silence conservative voices progressing at light speed! The only way to not be deceived is to know the truth. We will discuss massive censorship endeavor...

  • 02/16/2024 - Ehud Barak wants a two state solution | Open Line Friday

    Episode 24

    Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Is a Central bank currency closer than we thought? An Israel-Palestinian peace agreement—Ehud Barak says: Hold elections by June to adopt two-state solution? These and many other headlines are all very prophetic. We will analyze these storied while taking your calls o...