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The Endtime Show

02/14/2024 - 10 toes, 10 horns, and the developing prophecy

1h 1m


  • 02/13/2024 - Globalism VS Nationalism

    5 months ago

    On November 5th the most important presidential election, in the history of our country, will take place. Or at least it is supposed to. If and I repeat “if” Joe Biden and Donald trump run against each other, it proves to be an epic year indeed. We’ll look at the upcoming election from a propheti...

  • 02/12/2024 - From gangster to grace

    5 months ago

    Mondo De La Vega is cohost and executive producer of The Jim Bakker Show, host of The Mondo Show, and executive vice president of television programming for the PTL Television Network. We will discuss his miraculous journey from LA Gang to Full-Time Ministry on this edition of the Endtime Show!

  • 02/08/2024 - In the Grip of World Gov...

    6 months ago

    Biden’s AI plan to censor you has been revealed. EU Politicians Threaten to Sanction Tucker Carlson for Interviewing Vladimir Putin, and the U.N. is ‘Secretly Working with Banks’ to Destroy the American Food Industry.


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