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11/09/2023 - U.S. MQ-9 Shot Down by Iran-Backed Houthis



  • 11/08/2023 - Iran’s Chilling Threat t...

    8 months ago

    Iran’s defense minister warned that the U.S. would be “hit hard” if it did not implement a ceasefire in Gaza.

    Nearly at the same time, tens of thousands of pro-Palestine protestors swarmed the White House.

    Some are saying Islam is getting restless and the U.S. government loves it. Could that ...

  • 11/07/2023 - Is Mike Johnson a Danger...

    8 months ago

    Mike Johnson, the new Speaker of the House, is being attacked for his Christian stance and biblical worldviews. Is a Christian Speaker of the House a real threat to America as some suggest?

    ⭐️Birch Gold: to claim your free ...

  • 11/06/2023 - Entrance Ramp for the An...

    8 months ago

    Globalists realize the current US-led world government system doesn’t provide the level of control they hoped it would. Therefore, something has to change. Their climate scare hasn’t worked. They need a bigger crises. Could it be WWIII? Some are already talking about it. We’ll reveal the entrance...