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The Endtime Show

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The Endtime Show is LIVE weekdays at 3:00 PM CST.

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The Endtime Show
  • 12/02/2020 - A World in Chaos!

    If you haven’t noticed, this world is in chaos! But as a Christian, this world is not my home. I’m just passing through! We will talk about the mindset of a Christian, in the end time, on today’s edition of End of the Age!

  • 12/01/2020 - The Antichrist, False Prophet and the Two Witnesses

    Prophecies foretell an alliance of the global political and religious systems in the end time and their leaders—The Antichrist and False Prophet. And we talk about them quite often. But we haven’t spent much time on the Two Witnesses. This is the focus of today’s edition of End of the Age!

  • 11/30/2020 - Possible Precursor to the Mark of the Beast

    A possible precursor to the Mark of the Beast, the prophesied WWIII, World Government and World Religion all in the news today? Join me for another rapid-fire prophecy update on this edition of End of the Age!

  • 11/27/2020 - Understanding Revelation - Encore Presentation

  • 11/26/2020 - Second Coming Signs - Encore Presentation

  • 11/25/2020 - You Have a Hope—and His Name is Jesus!

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It’s during the holidays, suicides increase, and people fall into depression because they think they have no hope. On today’s edition of End of the Age, I want to tell you, you have a Hope—and his name is Jesus!

  • 11/24/2020 - The Advocacy of the Prophesied Global Socialist Belief System

    What does the World Economic Forums Great Reset, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Human induced global warming which leads to climate change have in common. The advocacy of the prophesied global socialist belief system. We expose these efforts on today’s edition of End of the Age!

  • 11/23/2020 - The Sixth Trumpet War and Israeli/Palestinian Peace Agreement

    The prophesied Sixth Trumpet War and an Israeli/Palestinian peace agreement, all in the news today. We will provide a prophetic analysis, for these events, on today’s edition of End of the Age! 

  • 11/20/2020 - Open Line 406

    The attitude of the Antichrist’s kingdom towards Israel and the prophesied peace agreement that will mark the beginning of the Final Seven Years. We will discuss these topics and much more, while taking your calls on this open-line edition of End of the Age!

  • 11/19/2020 - Bible Prophecy Questions Answered

    WWIII, the four living creatures in Revelation, the Kingdom of God, the marriage supper of the lamb, the Mark of the Beast and much more. Over the years, we have had thousands of questions concerning not only bible prophecy, but many topics in the Bible. I will answer many of those questions on t...

  • 11/18/2020 - The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

    The gospel of the Kingdom of God, which Jesus preached, is simplt that the God of Heaven will soon return to establish His Kingdom on the earth, let me show you how to be part of that Kingdom. We will discuss the Kingdom of God and the only doorway into this Kingdom on this edition of End of the ...

  • 11/17/2020 - The Prophesied Peace Agreement (Part 2)

    Will there be an Israeli/Palestinian peace agreement? The Bible foretells such an agreement, so it has to come to pass. We will analyze the biblical and historical events, which have led to the current geopolitical peacemaking efforts on this edition of End of the Age!

  • 11/16/2020 - The Prophesied Peace Agreement (Part 1)

    The Bible foretells an Israeli/Palestinian peace agreement, which marks the beginning of the Final Seven Years to the second coming of Jesus and the Battle of Armageddon. Regardless of who the President of the United States is, this prophecy will come to pass. We’ll explain this prophecy on this ...

  • 11/13/2020 - Open Line 405

    Restrictions on religious liberty, the moves toward a digital society, Middle East Update and World Government all in the news. We will analyze these events while taking your calls on this open line edition of End of the Age!

  • 11/12/2020 - What is the Future of Endtime Ministries?

    With the passing of Irvin Baxter, some might be wondering what is the future of Endtime Ministries? I’m here to tell you we are committed to fulfilling the God Given vision, of Endtime Ministries, all the way to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! If you are not excited now, you will be by the end...

  • 11/11/2020 - What Does the Future Hold?

    The election is on everyone’s mind. And why not? But the real question is, “What does the future hold?” Everyone wants to know. We will talk about the future, according to Bible prophecy, on this edition of End of the Age!

  • 11/10/2020 - Who Was Jesus?

    Jesus changed the world more than any man who ever lived. Yet, most people know very little about Him. Who was Jesus and why is the religion He founded the most widely followed on earth today?

  • 11/09/2020 - Preparations Being Made for Prophesied Battle

    Though the Battle of Armageddon is still 8-10 years away, we can already see preparations being made for this prophesied battle.

  • 11/06/2020 - Special Tribute: Irvin Baxter (1945-2020) – Day 3

    Irvin Baxter’s legacy will live on through all of those, whose lives were touched by his ministry. On today’s edition of End of the Age, we continue to honor Irvin Baxter Jr. by taking your calls. Join us as we continue to honor this great man of God!

  • Special Tribute: Irvin Baxter (1945-2020) – Day 2

  • 11/04/2020 - Special Tribute: Irvin Baxter (1945-2020)

    Yesterday, it was with sadness and a heavy heart, we announced the passing of Irvin Baxter Jr. Over the years, Irvin touched thousands of lives all over the world. Today, on End of the Age, we want to honor him by hearing from you, our faithful listeners and supporters, on the many different ways...

  • 11/03/2020 - The Election Through the Eyes of Bible Prophecy

    The Presidential Election has finally arrived. On today’s edition of End of the Age, I want to look at the election, through the eyes of Bible prophecy. Yesterday’s program was devoted to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Today we will focus President Trump.

  • 11/02/2020 - How will the Election Effect Christians?

    The United States Presidential Election is tomorrow. How will this election and the outcome affect Christians?

  • 10/30/2020 - Open Line 404