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12/11/2019 - China Ready to Roll Out ‘Orwellian’

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The Endtime Show

The Establishment of World Government and World Religion


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  • 12/11/2019 - China Ready to Roll Out ...

    China is developing a system designed to control everything a person says or does. The alarming thing is, this system looks almost identical to the system foretold in the Bible for the reign of the Antichrist. We'll compare the two systems on today’s edition of End of the Age.

  • Silencing Truth in America

    Prophecy foretells the Antichrist will demand absolute allegiance, and therefore, regardless of the truth, must silence those in opposition. Are we watching precursors to this right now? We will discuss the efforts to silence the truth, in America, on today’s edition of End of the Age!

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    10,000 Jews visited the Temple Mount in 2015; 16,000 in 2017; and 29,000 in 2019. Rabbi Eliyahu Weber, who now leads daily prayer on the Temple Mount, said the ultimate goal is building Israel’s Third Temple there and to offer animal sacrifices as mandated by the Jewish Torah. The Bible prophesie...